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Thats correct, project.plan() just plans the tests execution (add them to internal list). This call can be repeated several times.

Once you are happy with the plan and to actually launch the project - call project.start()

Cool-cool, glad it works, yw!

Ok, everything looks fine. Any chance you can host/proxy the Siesta's project/test files from the same port as your app itself?

The problem now is that I can see that the webpage is loading, but Siesta throws the following exception: Please describe your setup in more detailed way. So your project file is hosted on one port, but test page - on another? Can you host your project file on the same port as the test page? And it...


I have to tell Chrome to use CORS, but how do I tell Siesta to use my new Chrome link?

What does that mean exactly? Do you launch Chrome with certain command line arguments? If so, check the --browser-arg argument of the launcher (bin/webdriver --help)

One reason that loading takes longer now is that loading time now includes a data propagation (to fill in the missing values and validate the data). Ext version does not perform that (assuming all data is correct). So to measure the loading time precisely need to measure till the project.commitAsync...

Regarding the 1), perhaps you mean the calendar config of the project:

This calendar is used by any task/resource that don't have an explicitly provided calendar.

1) Do not uppercase words randomly:

Where in Code Default Calendar Config is Defined ? Enngine

2) Do not insert random words at the end of the sentence.

Where in Code Default Calendar Config is Defined ? Enngine

1) Default calendar config? What config exactly you mean? Please point with a link to documentation.
2) You can't. Duration conversion rules are defined globally for the whole project.

Rahulranjan, it is already very hard to understand what you mean, since you formulate yourself very chaotically, but in addition you include random quotations and posts like: Hi 1.If you see we define hoursPerDay on Calendar Too . If we want to do for Particular Task It won't work this way. Try to b...