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Hi, do you have a touch enabled device or monitor?
No need to include the ext folder
Shouldn't be that big. What is in the package? You can leave out all build related stuff like our code packages.
Hi, can you bundle package and upload it to here? Then we will check.
switching preset relocates the current scroll position.

You can pass a new new timespan or disable it by:
this.switchViewPreset(preset, startDate, endDate, false, { notScroll : true});
You could listen to the columnresize event on the view ... lumnresize

or use a state manager ... g-stateful
You can use the stateId and set it on the columns: ... fg-stateId

If that is not working, then please provide a runnable example.
Just take one of our examples and provide us the steps how the reproduce. I used the print example and added some extra columns. ... les/print/

You can take this example as a base.
I am not able to reproduce this in our example. I added a column and its state is kept. We need a runnable testcase to help you out.
Is the state provider set?


Please read the documentation carefully: ... g-stateful