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Not following. Could you provide a testcase with some steps how to reproduce this for us?
See the docs: ... opfinalize

dragContext.taskRecords contains the dragged records, they have the previous state.
Is this what you are looking for? ... htWeekends

Corresponding css selector: .sch-timelinepanel-highlightweekends .sch-dayheadercell-nonworking
The resize event is applying the new startdate. You can hook in before the change is applied.!/api/Sch.mixin.SchedulerPanel-event-beforeeventresizefinalize Listen to this event, show your dialog , and call the finalize functions. Here is an example:...
This issue is solved in the 6.x release which uses a new backend service and processes the fragments in streams. You could replace the 5.x php server solution with the nodejs solution which can be adapted and rebuild according to your needs. It also supports websockets if you want to stream the cont...
We discussed this issue internally. We changed this ticket status to Feature Request. Now the histogram granulates on days by design.

It should be considered to granulate on current zoomlevel or to be able to pass the granulation by config.
app.framework.version :

ExtJS requirements are:

- 6.6.0
- 6.5.3

I think you should update your framework. Did you execute the update command?
It is working for me.

First do:

- sencha app upgrade --minimal ../../extjs-6.6.0
- sencha app build
- sencha app watch
Hi, do you have a touch enabled device or monitor?