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The old export doesn't apply the print media setting before export. But you could use the .sch-export rule which is appended on export
.sch-export {
   margin : margin: 1cm;
Thank you for the report. This seems to be a glitch in the documentation. The link should not be there. ... cs/details.

You can just pass these functions to the plugin.
Just to be sure, which backend are you using? The new one based on node shipped with 6.0?

In the export demo of (6.0) I have put it in resources/app.css
You can put this in your css:
@page {
    margin: 1cm;
Hi, yes sure ....

We have template functions to do that,

Zoom here: ... foreExport

Restore there: ... fterExport
Yes! Please see my reply here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9912&view=unread#unread
Hi, this issue was already reported. Fix will ship in release 6.0.3 If you want a quick workaround, you can adapt the following functions in server.js async function processPageIntoPdfBuffer (browser, html, config) { confi...
That is possible in the Ext Gantt and Scheduler, see this example! ... es/export/

The png button will generate one png containing the chart. You can also specify ranges and formats.
Hi, I think, to put the server sources in a docker container is not that much of an effort. It is not on our list at the moment, but you can easily create a docker file with your favourite os as base and run the node server in it. The current solution is flexible, you can adapt it to your needs. All...
We have docs about this. ... sencha_cmd

Please see the trial section in this guide.