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To achieve a combobox list column in the BryntymSharepoint2013 demo you can do it like: I will take the department list as an example. You can use the same approach for the Section list. First create a model for the lookup list: class SPDepartment extends Model { static get fields() { return [ { nam...
Have you set headerHeight correctly? ... aderHeight
It looks like if it is the same problem. I also noticed that the system crashes when you have large projects (>1000 taks and several hundred dependencies). In some cases the first and last tasks are not displayed. I doubt if it is the same problem. Could be that you have to increase the header size...
The NodeJs solution has some new features, some will not work with the old backend like websockets. The node solution uses puppeteer as a base. The installation is much smoother because ImageMagick, PhantomJs are no longer required. Besides the new backend is able to handle more pages. Also is has s...
Could you post a testcase with exact steps to reproduce?
I've pushed a fix, you can try tomorrow with the nightly build.
Did you built the server executable on the development machine? You could try to build it on the production machine. But building is not needed. You can run the server script as nodejs app. Like as described in the readme The server can by executed as a node script: cd ./server node src/server.js -w...
We can not change any native browser print settings with javascript, you have to adjust the margins and set the corresponding paper size in the browsers print dialog manually. Paper size 'Letter' should correspond with the paper format set in the schedulers print dialog. Also you can change the DPI,...
You can use the beforeexport event in that case. You can pass it as a listener. You will get the selected exporter and the configuration as input params.!/api/Sch.plugin.Export-event-beforeexport The afterExport tpl function you can use to restore t...
You can pass the functions like below:
new Gnt.plugin.Export({
		beforeExport : function (scheduler) {
		afterExport : function (scheduler) {