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I created a es translation file (since you don't have one), and I can't get to translate the percentage column errors (see images). I might be missing some keys on the Do you know which ones?
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Thank you! Will try that
I see the ticket it's now closed. It won't be fixed? Thanks
I've seen that, but the files tab uses a grid and I'm not able to add other fields. I'm also trying to add an "add" and "remove" button on that tab and I'm not able to do so either.
How can I do that? I don't n=know which class to extend from

I'd like to add a comments tab on the Task Edit pop up where users can add comments and see the history of previews comments. I'd like to have a list with the comments and a text area with a submit underneath.

How can I add this kind of custom tab? What should I extend the tab from?

Thank you!!

When I assign a resource, save and without loosing focus on the cell try to assign another and save it breaks. See video reference on the following link: In debug, the whole page breaks and opens bryntum.module on tex...
When we have for example 04/03/2020 as start date and create a task with start date after that (ie 04/06/2020), when we refresh and the gantt loads the info from our supplied url, we send something like this: tasks: rows: [ { id: "2f298a56-c71b-4fb9-abc1-80ed99164f4f" duration: 8 durationUnit: "day"...