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Sure, try 'locked' and 'normal' subgrid properties:

gantt.subGrids.locked.collapsed = true


Sorry no, it's not supported. If you need this urgently, you can always hire us to implement it for you. Details:

No need to attach a huge sample, a minimal snippet test case would be ideal. Look at the size of our basic demo JS: const project = new ProjectModel({ transport: { load: { url: '../_datasets/launch-saas.json' } } }); new Gantt({ appendTo: 'container', project, dependencyIdField: 'sequenceNumber', co...

Can you please post a simple test case with your tab panel config?

Not yet, about a week left. It's very stable already so please do give it a try.

I find the library really difficult You need to go a bit slower, read more in our documentation and guides and study the sources of our many examples. Then you will learn it quickly. Add this listeners: { taskclick: ({ taskRecord }) => console.log(taskRecord)) } to your config block: export default...

No, that's not valid JS. First create the Gantt, then run the statement I posted above.

And I have an Edit onclick event to check whether the task is editable or not. But I do not know where to attach that event ?. Let's address one question at a time, start new threads for every question you have. Try setting a 'debugger;' statement in the draggable getter you created to see what's g...

You can simply implement a custom draggable property in your Task model:

class MyTask extends TaskModel {
    get draggable() {
        return this.color !== '#303331';