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How to get calendar hoursPerday based on Calendar id

How to pass which calendar is for selected task in the method you mentioned

Could you please describe your use case in more details? Every calendar has this method. Just get the calendar that you need and calculate a duration. gantt.project.calendar is a tree record, check its children . If you want to get a calendar assigned to a task, use:

No !!
Unable to get how to do it .

Hi Alex
We have Two native Fields of Date Type let us Date_1 and Date_2 for Each task we want to get the difference between this dates in hours but the difference should be calculated based on calendar assigned to each of task . Hope it makes you clear

HI For Each task there can be different calendars assigned to it Let Say Task 1 Cal 1 Task 2 Cal 2 Now when i selected task1 and i want difference between two dates based on Cal1 ? Same carries for Task2 and Dates Difference will be based on Cal2 Because Each Calendar will have different working tim...

Hi We want difference between two days based on calendar for task . In hours unit

Thanks for update
Any work round for version 4.0.0

lag is working fine but relationship type is not changing

   project.dependencyStore.getById(id).lag = 20
   // This is not working , initially relation ship is 1 now i changed to 3 it does not change 
    project.dependencyStore.getById(id).type = 3;

We have different editor for assigning and updating the successor records .
If any values is changed let say lag and relation ship type is changed now i want to update it in dependency store how can do it and what are the data we need to pass . I have gone through docs no update method is there .