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Sorry, I missed that our licence has expired yesterday.

Thanks for the quick fix!
Unfortunately the nightly builds seem broken. It only downloads a 1kb file. Other nightlies (calendar, scheduler) do work.

Hi, when querying unrendered ExtJS components, Siestas query function throws an error. Can be reproduced (in an ExtJS test) with the following code: StartTest(function (t) { new Ext.button.Button({ foo: true });'[foo]').length, 1); t.query('>> [foo]'); // throws error ...

Ok, thanks for your support and quick anwsers!

Thats what we are already doing, replacing the packaged versions inside /bin/binary/chromedriver/linux64.
So I guess there is no other way to do it then?

The problem is that Alpine uses lib-musl instead of lib-c. This means that binaries from other distributions do not work.

Hi, we are trying to use Siesta in an Alpine Docker Container. We use webdriver and chrome for our tests. Out-of-the-box it does not work and exits with a status code of 127. Upon further inspection it seems that the chromedriver and node executables bundled with Siesta simply do not work in Alpine ...
Thanks again nickolay! Tested the nightly and works like a charm!
Sorry to bother you again but I found way to break your breakTestOnFail config. :( When the test fails due to an exception within the tested code the next subtest is launched. Change 'Subtest 2' to:'Subtest 2', function(sst) { sst.chain(function(next) {, 2);; // is ...
Nice work nickolay! It works as expected and will be a major improvement in our workflow. Thanks a lot, really appreciated!
Do you already know when the next stable release with this feature will be available?