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The only required package is:

"@bryntum/gantt-angular": "4.1.0-beta-2",

@bryntum/gantt will be included as a dependency automatically.

@bryntum/demo-resources is our package for included demos.

Hi! Npm packages contain all functions/features which are supported by product. The difference of using npm server in comparing with older product versions is that our bundle (module or umd) is now loaded from online npm server but not from local folder (as it was before). Comparing old offline pack...
Hi, janan! Please check if you have fonts accessible within your app. They should be in fonts subfolder at the level where *.css file exists. Required fa-* and Roboto-* (for material theme) fonts are in build/fonts folder in nightly zip package. Please take a look the screenshot below from IE11. All...

Thank you for the feedback!

Unfortunately we are using modern css features which probably are not supported now by old IE11.
We need some time to revise this issue to answer you.


The issue has been fixed. Should be available in nightly builds tomorrow.
Please check and leave the result here.

Hi, janan!

I've created this issue to fix IE11 support.


Thank you for the request.
I've created Feature request for this

Please check Private Messages here on forum for the requested minified bundle.

Hi, paulb!

Please tell which package are you trying to download with no success?
I've tried these ones and they are just fine. (163 MB) (216 MB)

Hi! I can suggest you to use This method to convert CrudManager format to any server request format you need This method to convert any server response to CrudManager format
Hi! There are few date formats used for PresetManager For example PresetManager : { hourAndDay : { topDateFormat : 'ddd MM/DD', middleDateFormat : 'LST', displayDateFormat : 'll LST' } }, Please check these docs