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Are you using trial?
===> we'll have licence by the end of the week.
Actually I'm working on a custom color comlumn.
And I can't find color picker sample on context menu in angular version.
Hello Mats,

You sample in contextmenu is not done with angular.
Do you have example with angular? I think error I got come from there...

Hello, I try to create a new color picker column in assignement grid and face some extjs issue : here my new column code : Ext.define('ExtApp.column.Color', { extend : 'Ext.grid.column.Column', alias : 'widget.colorcolumn', text : 'Color', dataIndex : 'Color', width : 100, editor : 'colorpicker' });...
Thanks pmiklashevich for your reply and the code. I'm able to save data from new column now . And you're rigth about that : "Please keep in mind that assignment exists until unit > 0. So if 0 is set to the unit field the assignment won't be saved and your Charge value will be lost" But I don't have ...
Hello pmiklashevich, Thanks for your reply. It help me to display column. But I'm not able to save new field data as Assignment field. below I override AssignmentGrid : Ext.define('ExtApp.override.AssignmentGrid', { override : 'Gnt.widget.AssignmentGrid', extend: 'Gnt.widget.AssignmentEditGrid', ali...
Thanks pmiklashevich,

Do you have any suggestions on how to do that please?

Thanks for your reply pmiklashevich, The issue is that this.callParent doesn't work with angular : I try this : const _g = (Gnt.widget.AssignmentGrid.prototype || Gnt.widget.AssignmentGrid).method; Ext.define(null, { extend : 'Gnt.widget.Assignm...
Hello, I try to customise resource assignment grid popup by adding a new column. But I face some trouble. Below what I did: Ext.define('AssignmentGrid', { extend: 'Gnt.widget.AssignmentGrid', alias : 'myassignmentgrid', // extend buildColumns method to append extra column buildColumns : function () ...

Do you have a sample with angular please?

I tried this sample but cannot do "new AssignmentGrid(Ext.apply({ ...."

thanks in advance