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Is there a roadmap for the TheRootCause?
It would also be very convenient to have a date/time column and a way to sort/filter on that.
Now all the dates and times are relative not very usefull when you are looking for a specific time on a specific date.
it would be handy if i could add tags to bugs. I don't mean the tags you can add programmatically. But a tag you can add from within the GUI of

This way you can group errors/bug with tags so you can filter on them.
it would be really helpful to be able to attach notes to a bug.
I would like columns like; environment, framework version, user and the possibility to filter/sort on those values
Both are a lot clearer to me now :)
I think i misunderstood the environment setting. It apparently has to do with the recorded video.
I thought it was supposed to sort of "tag" an error with its environment

How do i set the "environment" field shown at error/details Application: Environment ?
I don't get the environments setting to work and there does not seem to be any documentation about it.
On the production server i have got issues with the export to pdf. export to png works flawless and in development i have got it pdf export working to. Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 16.35.14.png Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 16.35.40.png I have got the same OS (ubuntu 18), and installed the same list of packa...
This time the error was in my own code.
All bugs are gone thank you very much :)