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Able to set %Done as 100% but for vice versa i am getting some errors(attributes undefined)
I have written like this %Done column { xtype : "percentdonecolumn", width : 100 }, and Done column { xtype : 'checkcolumn', header: 'Done', dataIndex: 'TaskStatus', width: 75, listeners : { checkchange : function(item, rowIndex, checked, eOpts){ var currTask =[...
One more thing, the above override function is to check the checkbox right? No it is to catch changes on the percentdone field Little update Ext.define('Gnt.examples.advanced.model.Task', { extend : 'Gnt.model.Task', setPercentDone : function (value) { this.callParent(arguments); this.set('DoneFiel...
Any examples???
I have %Done column xtype : "percentdonecolumn", width : 100 and i have Done column xtype : 'checkcolumn', header: 'Done', dataIndex: 'TaskStatus', How to populate %Done value to 100 when click on Done checkbox and similarly when the %Done value is 100,Done checkbox should be clicked automatically
The uploaded mpp file tested in bryntum sandbox( ... ct_import/)
After importing mpp file,the tasks are not in order as present in mpp in bryntum gantt chart
After import Tasks are not in the order as present in the MPP.
Thank you very much.
Its helps me lottt