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In the image , i have some columns which are hidden on loading of gantt chart,
But it is still listed as part of columns field dropdown
I want to hide them from viewing, how do i achieve it.
( I do not want it to be listed in that dropdown either).
When i import this file, the top task doesn't appear.
Same happens in the example as well. ... ct_import/

Can you tell, how to add search filter in resource assignment popup
Before that, how to add search filter in assignment resource
While setting expandPickerOnFocus = true, i am getting the below error and pop-up is not opening.
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of null"
Sorry about that info, I meant Task B. And by the term level i meant row, How do i know the number of rows so that i can set the height accordingly. When i set the height say 200, I dont get to see the tasks below I have to scroll which i shouldn't (customer requirement). So i got the class .x-grid-...
Hi, I wanted to display multiple TimelineScheduler in the Page, which i am currently able to display using class Gnt.panel.TimelineScheduler and i added some fixed height, I wanted to set the height dynamically based on its levels. For eg: Currently attached file has 2 levels data , Task A in level ...
Sorry for the late reply,
I get the timelineScheduler , but is not same as one shown in the documentation , The tasks overlaps
Is it the common behaviour and needs styling?

I have attached a small demo project.
Expected output was the image shown in Gnt.panel.TimelineScheduler.

Hi I get an error maximum call stack size exceeded when i use var timelineScheduler = Ext.create("Gnt.panel.TimelineScheduler",{ renderTo : "sitetimeline"+sitenid, border : '1 0 0 1', taskStore : tasksList }); But when i replace TimelineScheduler with Timeline, it works good, var timelineScheduler =...
Can we track Planned start date vs Actual start , also planned and actual completion date in bryntum ganttpro.