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Bryntum Scheduling Engine

This is a Scheduling Engine that powers the Bryntum Gantt. Its written in TypeScript, uses reactive, graph-based computational engine ChronoGraph under the hood, and is extremely fast and customizable.

Bryntum Scheduling Engine supports:

  • Scheduling events using dependencies
  • Scheduling events using constraints
  • Asynchronous scheduling conflicts
  • Calendars for project, events and resources
  • Both recurrent and fixed time intervals for calendars
  • Unlimited size projects. Project size is limited only by the memory. Naturally, the bigger projects takes longer time to schedule. Our benchmarks shows, that project with 10k events and 10k dependencies between them, schedules in 1.3s on the commodity notebook. The scheduling time for your project data may vary, but these numbers gives you an idea about performance.

Getting started

You only need to interact with Scheduling Engine if you'd like to extend or customize the scheduling logic it uses. Otherwise, you can use the regular Gantt API.

For more details, please refer to the Getting started guide

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