What’s New In Bryntum Scheduler 2.3

We are excited to announce version 2.3.0 of Bryntum Scheduler. The release has a lot of smaller improvements but also introduces a long awaited major feature, read on to find out what! For full details please see the change log. Also note that many of the changes in Grid 2.3.0 applies to Scheduler, detailed changelog available here

Recurring events

Recurring events is a major new feature for Bryntum Scheduler. It brings with it new functionality on the EventStore and UI updates for the event editor. Be sure to check it out in the new `recurrence` demo:

Editing a recurring event

Experimental: JSX in renderers and as cell editors

The React wrapper for Scheduler now supports using JSX/React components in cell renderers and as cell editors.

// A column using a custom React component in its renderer
  text     : 'Delay',
  renderer : ({ record }) =>

Take a look at the updated React Simple demo to see how it can be used:

React Simple demo using JSX in cell renderers

Custom builds

To simplify making custom builds from our sources there is now a new demo called “custom-build”. It uses WebPack to build a custom app + Scheduler bundle with smaller footprint than what you get with our full bundles. The demo uses a new base class for `Scheduler`, called `SchedulerBase`. `SchedulerBase` is basically `Scheduler` with only a minimal set of features imported, making the built result a bit smaller (approximately 30% if no additional features are used).

// Extending or instanciating SchedulerBase instead of Scheduler makes custom builds smaller. 
// But, any feature used have to be imported
import SchedulerBase from 'lib/Scheduler/view/SchedulerBase.js';
import Sort from 'lib/Grid/feature/Sort.js';

class MyScheduler extends SchedulerBase {
  features : {
    sort : true

Updated demos

The “Drag from grid” demo now shows how to toggle between horizontal and vertical mode by recreating the Scheduler instance:

Drag from grid demo using vertical  mode

The “Drag from grid”, “Drag between schedulers” and “Partners” demos now use the new Splitter widget to allow resizing the grid/schedulers:

Drag between schedulers demo with a new splitter

New Angular 8 demo

We always try to keep up with the Angular team. Angular 8 was released earlier this year and we now include a new Angular 8 demo:

New Angular 8 demo

Other improvements

  • A new `scheduleMouseMove` event was added, and the existing events related to mouse operations on the schedule (`scheduleClick`, `scheduleDblClick` & `schedulerContextMenu`) were updated to include information on their respective `tickStartDate` and `tickEndDate`
  • The horizontal time axis header now uses virtual rendering for its ticks, only rendering those in view. This will boost performance for schedules having a very long time axis
  • It is now possible to toggle imported features on/off on the fly by disabling/enabling them: `scheduler.features.sort.disabled = false`

Learn more

For full details please see the change log.

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