What’s New In Bryntum Scheduler 1.1.0

We are happy to announce a new minor release of Scheduler. Even though it is called a minor release according to the semantic versioning scheme – this release contains new great features, cool demos and lots of bug fixes. This blog post walks you through the bigger changes, for full details please see the changelog.

Scheduler improvements

A lot of the changes in this release were made behind the scenes, but you will also see quite a few visible updates:

Partnering Schedulers

A Scheduler can be paired with another scheduler using the new `partner` config. Partners share a single time axis and synchronises region sizes, zoom level and horizontal scrolling. Check it out in this new demo:

Multiple resource assignment

Basic support for multi assignment has been implemented. By using an `AssignmentStore` it is now possible to assign a single event to multiple resources. A new demo was added to show how it works:

Tooltips demo

In previous versions, you could already customise the contents of the tooltip displayed when you hover an event. In v1.1, we are shipping a new demo that will make it easier to implement this in your app:

Validation demo

The validation of event manipulations such as drag drop, drag creating and resizing was improved (mainly consolidating how it works per feature) and a new demo has been added to showcase various validation scenarios:

Export to Excel demo

While not yet part of the core, we have added a new demo showing how to export Scheduler data to Excel. It uses a custom fork of the lightweight zipcelx library. Please try the demo here.

Changes to underlying Grid functionality

We also recommend you to read the blog post about the Grid 1.1 changes, as they also apply to the Scheduler. Especially the removal of moment.js might affect your date handling. If you encounter anything strange related to this, please report it on our forum.

Learn more

For full details on what changed please see the changelog.

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