Visit Us In Our Booth At Öredev

This week we are proud to be sponsoring Öredev 2018, which is one of the largest developer conferences in the Nordics (1300+ attendees). Two big trends in this edition of Öredev are AI and Virtual Reality. In the other sponsor booths we noticed VR ninja sword fighter, VR space battles and a VR ice hockey goalkeeper.



Our new Demobot

To be able to showcase our various components easily, we have developed a demobot which is able to play scenarios on a webpage. It can click,  drag drop and type like a real user would. This makes it much easier to demo our product features, and we also have plans to use the demobot for documentation and guides later on. Here’s a video of one of the demobots in action:

If you are attending the conference, you are very welcome to stop by our booth for some coffee and demos 🤓

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