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Ext Gantt: Defining Task Constraints

When working with tasks in a large project schedule, some tasks usually have date constraints attached to them. These constraints define strict rules for when a task can start or end. For example, Santa Claus must finish delivering all gifts before end of Christmas (a Finish-No-Later-Than constraint).

Constraint Types

Ext Gantt supports six types of task constraints:

* Must-Start-On (alias ‘muststarton’) * Must-Finish-On (alias ‘mustfinishon’) * Start-No-Earlier-Than (alias ‘startnoearlierthan’) …

Ext Gantt: The New Task Split Feature

Sometimes a task is not worked on continuously, the work may be stopped as planned or due to unexpected circumstances. Let’s say a machine breaks down, in such a scenario the Ext Gantt supports splitting the task into segments. The easiest way to split a task is to use the new context menu option. Simply right click on the task where you want the split to happen and choose the …

Tips ‘n Tricks: Rendering Meta Data In The Timeline Header

Today we released new versions of Ext Scheduler and Ext Gantt. As part of the new scheduler release, we updated two of the examples to show off some cool header rendering tricks. In our mail inbox, one common question we get is “How do I render a summary in the timeline header?”. This question can now be easily answered by checking out these samples.

Rendering text into the timeline …