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Mocking Ajax calls with Siesta

In the past couple of months we’ve received a few requests for mocking capabilities when it comes to Ajax requests with Siesta. We are actually quite interested in this feature ourself so we we’re very happy when we realized how easy it was to accomplish. The solution: Ext.ux.ajax.SimManager, is found in the Ext JS examples/ux folder.

Introducing the Ext.ux.ajax.SimManager

This class (docs here) has actually been around for …

Version 2.1.3 – Event tools menu & importing tasks from MS Project

Before the weekend, we released the 2.1.3 version containing a few new goodies. For Ext Scheduler, there is a new EventTools plugin allowing for easy interaction with the rendered events. See it in action in this video:


For Ext Gantt, we added a new PHP + MySQL sample showing how to make a simple application with full CRUD implemented. We also updated the popular advanced example to enable …

NodeJS + Ext Scheduler === “Realtime updates”

Responding to the requests of our customers, we have prepared a very simple demo showing a multi-client implementation that immediately displays changes made by other connected clients. For this purpose we have set up a NodeJS server built using ExpressJS framework, and because we wanted the updates to be instantaneously visible we have also added a websocket communication using Socket.IO.

In this particular example we have no real database as …