Hackathon summary

A week long Bryntum hotel hackathon is almost over. We did 6 full days of pure hacking in Egypt, on various projects and achieved some really cool things.

  • Siesta 1.1 “Siesta Touch” preview is available. It’s not done, nor polished but demonstrates the potential of Siesta to help you test your Sencha Touch applications. It also has major performance improvements and some new features for the general UI and test harness. Read more here, and check the preview video here: Siesta Touch
  • Ext Scheduler/Gantt 2.1 alpha 4. Minor polishing release compatible with Ext 4.1 RC3, that has a few performance improvements for Ext Gantt. Ext JS 4.1 GA has a severe bug that prevents us from upgrading right now. We’re waiting for the patch and should have our 2.1 GA available in the next two weeks.
  • We wrote a bunch of tests for our Sencha Touch grid, codename “UberGrid” which also serves as the base class for the upcoming Sencha Touch scheduler. It supports an arbitrary number of locked scrollable child grids, buffering and grouped header columns. More details coming!
  • Started development of our crowd sourced test case framework, which will allow you to submit very easily submit test cases to be included in our test suite.

Add a few dips in the ocean and you have a pretty good week. Next up is SourceDevCon in London where I will talk about unit testing Ext JS and Sencha Touch and demo some of the Siesta features. See you there? 🙂

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  • ben zamora

    Awesome to see the addition of touch support

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