Gantt + Scheduler 5.1.5 released

We are happy to announce the 5.1.5 release of our Ext Scheduler & Ext Gantt components. In this post we’ll outline the most notable changes.

Ext Scheduler 5.1.5 – Enchancements

The scheduling suite demo is our most advanced and fully featured demo, showing off the integration between our various UI components. This demo has now been restructured and simplified and it now also shows an Agenda view and a Year view, making it 8 (!) views sharing the exact same data set. Make a change in one view, all the rest are instantly updated automatically.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 13.48.29

The tooltip UI shown when creating new dependencies between tasks has now been migrated into a proper Tooltip which makes it look consistent with the rest of the Scheduler / Gantt tooltips.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 14.28.48

  • Scheduling suite demo now demonstrates new Agenda and Year views provided by the Bryntum Calendar component. Integrating the Calendar and Taskboard has become much easier.
  • The EventEditor widget has got a few new configuration options: “All day” checkbox, new `nameFieldConfig` and `weekStartDay`.
  • The EventEditor widget now behaves in a different way when the start date value is greater than the end date: 1) if it happens after the start date was edited, then the end date gets set to start date plus 1 day; 2) if it happens after the end date editing then the start date gets set to end date minus 1 day.
  • `Sch.mixin.SchedulerView` has got new `aftereventresize` and `schedulelongpress` events. Its `aftereventdrop` event now provides an array of event records as the 2nd argument.

Ext Scheduler 5.1.5 – Bugs fixed

  • Fixed #2938: Task tooltip and dependency tooltip should look the same
  • Fixed #3788: Dependency tooltip blocks access to target dependency connector
  • Fixed #3916: View scrolls after clicking schedule when editor is opened
  • Fixed #3804: Export doesn’t work when print plugin is also used
  • Fixed #4874: View scrolls to top when dragging event to the edge
  • Fixed #4875: Exporter excludes stylesheets and style tags in BODY

Ext Gantt 5.1.5 – Enhancements

  • The resource histogram now calculates a weighted average of allocation % in case this value changes in the middle of a day.

Ext Gantt 5.1.5 – Bugs fixed

  • Fixed #1620: % complete ignored in Milestone
  • Fixed #3819: Planning container is 100% done when it’s children are not all 100% done
  • Fixed #3936: Assignments not available if listening for ‘afteredit’
  • Fixed #4845: Histogram gap in bars when new task starts
  • Fixed #4847: Add new column not working as expected
  • Fixed #4857: Can’t sort resource assignment grid name column
  • Fixed #4866: Dependency lines missing
  • Fixed #4902: Changes in label editor are not saved on click on normal view

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