Customer Spotlight: CBcloud

About CBcloud’s SmaRyu truck application

In Japan’s land transportation industry, an increasing number of companies are going out of business due to reduced efficiencies in transportation, and labor shortages. We believe that improving the working environment and improving transportation efficiency will solve the problem to secure human resources. With SmaRyu Truck we are developing a business support system targeting small transportation companies.

Our use of Bryntum Scheduler

In order to improve transportation efficiency, it is first necessary to visualize the resource status within the company in chronological order. We use the Bryntum Scheduler to display the in-house resources in chronological order, making it easier for users to strategically pick up projects and dispatch vehicles while looking at the schedule.

Our evaluation processes

We considered the following criteria to be important when choosing the scheduling component for our system.

・ Affinity with Vue.js
・ Can you drag and drop?
・ Is it possible to change the time frame?
・ Is it possible to display data in a pop-up?
・ Can multiple task bars be displayed on one resource?
・ Is it possible to control the zoom ratio?
・ Is it possible to perform a right-click event?
・ Is undo / redo supported?

We decided to select the Bryntum Scheduler because it matched all our evaluation criteria.

Implementation of the Bryntum Scheduler

Within the SmaRyu truck application, Bryntum Scheduler is used to schedule driver and vehicle shifts to support employee or truck resource management. You can also schedule at a specific date and time by dragging and dropping. You can also enter the details of a new schedule by double-clicking on the schedule.

The frontend is based on TypeScript and is made using Nuxt.js as the framework.

What do our customers expect from the Bryntum Scheduler?

Being able to grasp the schedule at a glance is a popular feature in software used in the transportation industry.
In addition, since the schedule interval can be changed, it can be customized according to the user’s preference, and the user can change it and use it according to their own preferred style.

In addition, the drag-and-drop operation is intuitive and easy to use. We highly appreciate the fact that it can be customized according to the user’s taste and that it is easy to operate.

Satisfaction and expectation

We’re very happy that Bryntum is always user-friendly, with no slowness or delay. We hope that continuous updates will result in even greater refinements in the future, while still providing the best performance.

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