Ext Gantt Examples

These examples use our latest 4.x version which is based on Ext JS 6. We also have a 3.x version based on Ext JS 5. Additionally there is a 2.x version for Ext JS 4 (unsupported). When you purchase a license you will get access to all versions and previous releases. We would very much appreciate your help with reporting bugs if you find any.


Basic Gantt Chart

This example is a very basic implementation of the Ext Gantt, loading XML data.

Assigning Resources

Simple example showing how you can assign resources to your tasks.

PDF Export

You can easily export the Gantt chart to PDF or PNG.

MS Project Import

Try importing an existing MS Project file to the chart.

Big data set

This example loads a huge dataset and shows the importance of the virtual rendering.


This example shows how you can include your project baseline along with the current plan.

Gantt + Scheduler

Simple example showing how both components can be used on the same page.

Advanced Gantt Chart

This example is feature packed and shows split tasks and task constraints.

Theming and Styles

Learn how easy it is to change the appearance of the Gantt chart using only CSS.

Editing Dependencies

Try the included dependency editor plugin.

Right-To-Left mode

The Gantt chart also support RTL mode for languages written from right to left.

Print Support

The Gantt chart supports HTML based printing demonstrated in this example.

Custom Calendars

You can assign working calendars to tasks and resources.


This example shows you how easy it is to localize date formats and texts used in the Gantt chart.

Resource Histogram

Visualize the resource allocation easily using the Histogram widget.

Task Scheduling Modes

Demonstrates how tasks can be scheduled based on different scheduling modes.

Task Board Integration

Demonstrates integration of the Gantt chart with the Taskboard component.


Server Integration Examples



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